One of our areas of expertise is in the use of preclinical behavioral assays. Below are images of some behavioral tasks routinely conducted in our lab, as well as useful resources, video protocols, and links. ​For more information, please refer to the book links to the right, or contact:

Behavioral Equipment

Startle/Prepulse Inhibition

Fear Conditioning

Learned Helplessness
Fear Conditioning
Passive/Active Avoidance

Operant Conditioning
Drug Discrimination
Rat Gambling Task

Social Interaction
Conditioned Place Preference

Elevated Plus Maze

Y Maze

Radial Arm Maze

T Maze

Morris Water Maze


Open Field Test

Social Defeat Stress

Ultrasonic Vocalizations

Novel Object Recognition

Homecage Monitoring

Female Urine Preference

Sucrose Preference

Novelty Supressed Feeding

Light Dark Box

Dominance Tube

Grooming Analysis